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Reduce Your Telco Costs by up to 50% with Our Business SIP Trunks

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Business VoIP uses SIP Trunks (Session Initiation Protocol) to deliver business grade phone services over a broadband connection. Unlike similar services such as standard VoIP, SIP trunks can carry all forms of media including voice, data and video. They are the smartest, most cost effective way of replacing your existing business phone lines.

Enterprise Grade Business VoIP

SIP Trunks can have one or multiple channels which determine the number of concurrent phone calls that can be made. Although mainly used as a replacement of traditional telephone lines for voice communications, SIP Trunks offer much greater level of functionality and flexibility. Many of the IP Phones come with features such as video calling, web browsing and UC (unified communication) functions. In order to use those features, phones need to be connected to a business grade VoIP service that utilises SIP trunking.

Business VoIP Plans
SIP Trunks from $5 per Month
Hosted PBX Systems
PBX Extensions $9 per Month

Replacement Technology for Traditional Telephone Lines

High Performance SIP Trunks

Business VoIP and SIP Trunks are gradually replacing traditional phone lines like PSTN and ISDN. With the rollout of the NBN and other broadband infrastructure, Australian businesses can now take advantage of this powerful and highly flexible technology. Apart from increased functionality, businesses can save as much as 50% on their office telco costs.

Exceptionally Cost Effective

SIP Trunks are a lot cheaper than traditional phone lines. Save on line rental and call charges.

Extremely Reliable

Higher level of service provision than traditional phone lines including ISDN that rely on the copper network. BusinessCo SIP Trunks are delivered using the state of the art BroadSoft BroadWorks platform. It's used by the majority of large voice carriers around the world and offers unrivaled service quality.

Fully Portable and Highly Scalable

There are no physical telephone lines to relocate. Additional call capacity can be activated almost instantly.

Business Continuity and Automatic Failover

Supports your disaster recovery strategies, including alternative routing implemented in emergency situations. For example, in the event that calls are unable to reach your site, they can be redirected to a nominated mobile service or alternative answering point.

Superior Functionality and Multiple Device Compatible

Can be deployed in a variety of ways including PBX, IP handset, mobile app or a softphone application.

NBN Ready and Future Proof 

The replacement technology for traditional telephone lines. SIP Trunks are also the fundamental component of most Unified Communication and IP Telephony technologies.

We can perform a VoIP Check to determine if your business has the necessary infrastructure to take advantage of Business VoIP. Please call us on 1300 000 100 or CLICK HERE.

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Business VoIP Deployment

SIP Trunks can be deployed in a number of ways including PBX, IP Handset, a Softphone Application or a Mobile App. This makes them exceptionally versatile and able to fit almost any business requirement.


PBX Systems

BusinessCo SIP Trunks interface with all major PBXs. They can be connected directly to the PBX and replace any existing telephone lines.

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IP Phones

They can be programmed directly into an IP phone and act as a stand alone telephone line with its own telephone number. All you have to do then, is connect the IP phone to an existing broadband service.

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Softphone Apps

You don't need a telephone handset to make SIP Trunks work. There are numerous PC and laptop software applications (softphones) that will turn your computer into a fully functional phone. In a similar way, a SIP Trunk can be programmed into a mobile phone app. This is especially useful when traveling overseas as calls back to Australia are charged at local call rates.

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Transform Your Business Communications

IP telephony has been the preferred choice of most enterprise companies for quite some time. With the roll out of NBN and the decommissioning of the PSTN network, it is now the replacement communication technology for SME businesses.

Traditional Phone Lines vs Business VoIP

Recent improvements in Australian broadband infrastructure means that an increasing number of businesses can now take full advantage of VoIP technology and make it their primary means of office communications. Business VoIP is fast becoming the replacement technology for traditional business phone lines like PSTN and ISDN.

Greater Functionality

Traditional business phone lines like PSTN and ISDN require a telephone system and can only be operated from the premises they're installed at. Business VoIP and SIP Trunks change all that. They can be used anywhere in the world as long as you have access to an adequate  broadband connection. That’s a powerful advantage and ideal for businesses with multiple offices, remote workers and executives that travel interstate or overseas.

Greater Flexibility

SIP Trunks can be installed on multiple devices, and not just the PBX installed at the business premises. You have a choice between a Softphone (software installed on a PC or laptop), an IP Phone (a phone designed for VoIP technology) or a mobile phone app.

Greater Quality and Contingency

Traditional phone lines rely on the existing copper network that is usually old and prone to faults. If a fault occurs there is no other means of delivering the phone lines. You have to wait until the fault is fixed and that could take days, even weeks.

BusinessCo SIP Trunks come with enterprise grade SLA’s and a service provision level of 99.999%. The most common problem relates to the broadband connection being used. But if that occurs, there are a number of business continuity options like switching to an alternative broadband service or utilising Wireless 4G Broadband.

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What Is a SIP Trunk?

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is a means of delivering telephone services over the internet. SIP trunks are the equivalent of business phone lines and use an internet connection to make and receive calls. The technology is more commonly referred to as Business VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

A SIP trunk is allocated a telephone number just like a normal telephone line. This number can either be ported in i.e. transferred from another type of service like a PSTN line, or a new number is allocated.

When a call is made using business VoIP, it travels via the internet to the IP Telephone Service Provider, which it turn delivers the call to the destination. That destination can be any type of telephone service including PSTN, ISDN, mobile phones or another SIP trunk.

The reverse also applies. When a call is made to the SIP trunk number, it travels to the IP Telephone Service Provider via whatever technology is being used i.e. pstn, isdn, mobile, etc., and is then delivered via the internet to the destination.

Business SIP trunks can be taken anywhere and are not restricted to geographical locations. You can take your IP phone or a soft phone (software loaded onto a laptop or smart device) anywhere in the world and as long as you can access an adequate broadband connection, it'll work like it would at the business premises. There are no more challenges with local exchanges, number portability and the need for telephone lines to be physically installed at the premises.

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Business VoIP Plans and Pricing

Call Lines from $5 per Month

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