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All-In-One Business Phone Solution. Big Business PBX Features. Small Business Price.

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Complete Business Phone Package

The NetPhone package consists of a bundle including a Business IP Phone, a fully featured Hosted PBX Extension, and an Australian telephone number attached to a multi-channel Business VoIP SIP Trunk for incoming and outgoing calls. The SIP trunk allows for multiple calls at one time, enabling multi-party conferencing and a host of other call handling features.


There are two plans to choose from, both with the same low monthly access fee and call rates. The difference is the included IP phone. NETLITE comes with the Yealink W60P Cordeless IP Phone and NETBIZ includes the Yealink T41S Desk IP Phone.  The Set Up Fee includes the IP phone and its yours to keep. It also includes delivery to any Australian address. The NetPhone is delivered pre-configured and all you have to do is plug it into a broadband service, it will auto provision automatically. Both plans are month to month and you can cancel any time.


Per Month
  • Cordless IP Phone
  • Hosted PBX Extension
  • Business Grade VoIP
  • Australian Landline Number
  • Enterprise Grade PBX Features
  • Per Second Billing
  • NO Flagfall
  • No Contract - M2M
  • Monthly Fee - $10
  • Set Up Fee - $180
  • Includes IP Phone
  • Includes AUS Delivery
  • Local - 8c per Call
  • National - 8c per Call
  • Mobile - 13c per Minute
  • 13/1300 - 25c per Call
Pricing Excludes GST and P&H to an Australian address. All timed calls are billed per Second.
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1300/1800 NUMBER

Per Month
NetPhone Bundle Only
  • Auto Attendant (PBX)
  • Voice 2 Email (PBX)
  • Business Intro Message (PBX)
  • Music/Messages On Hold (PBX)
  • Geo Routing
  • Time Based Routing
  • Call Alert
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Distributor
  • Call Overflow
  • Call Barring
  • No Contract - M2M
  • Monthly Fee - $9
  • Set Up Fee - $0
  • Local Calls - 5c p/Min
  • National Calls - 5c p/Min
  • Mobile Calls - 10c p/Min
  • Routed to Mobile - 15c p/Min
Pricing Excludes GST. All timed calls are billed per Second.
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Business IP Phones

Authorised Yealink and Grandstream Reseller


  • IP Desk Phones
  • Video IP Phones
  • Conference IP Phones
  • Discounted Prices
IP Phones
Critical Information Summary

Start Building Your Business Phone System

From 1 to 50+ extensions. You can start building your PBX system now.

NetPhone Plan Features

Our low cost plans are all inclusive and come with cheap call rates, complete set of features and functions, free inter-account calls, and no charge for additional call lines.

Free Calls Between NetPhones - calls are free between NetPhones and Hosted PBX extensions on the same account, regardless of where they are. Perfect for businesses with multiple sites, remote offices and traveling executives.

No Charge for Additional SIP Channels - the NetPhone comes complete with a multi-channel SIP trunk, allowing you to make multiple calls at the same time. There are no additional charges for extra SIP channels (call lines). Multiple lines are necessary to enable phone conferencing.

Month to Month Plans - our no contract, month to month plans mean your business will always be up to date with the newest technology and the latest rates. Upgrade your IP phone or change to a Hosted PBX plan of your choice at any time.

Per Second Billing - the timed calls are charged on a per second basis and not in blocks of 20, 30 or 60 seconds.

No Flag Fall - all calls are billed according to the advertised rates and there are no flag fall or connection charges.

All Inclusive Set Up Fee - the Set Up Fee includes supply, delivery and configuration of the IP phone, as well as set-up of the core Hosted PBX system. There are no hidden charges and the IP phone is yours to keep.

Optional 1300 or 1800 Number at Ultra-Competitive Rates - take advantage of the 1300-1800 bundle offer and get an inbound 1300-1800 number for your business at ultra-competitive rates.

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Some Important Fine Print

  • An internet service with minimum 100/100 Kbps per concurrent call is required to operate the service.
  • NetPhones are not appropriate if you require an uninterrupted phone service with access to 000 emergency services and will not function in the event of a power failure.
  • Ownership of the IP Phone passes to the Account Holder upon payment of the set-up fee and delivery of the handset.
  • The service can be cancelled or transferred to another provider at any time. A full monthly access fee applies to the billing period in which the service is being cancelled or transferred.

For further details please download the Critical Information Summary or contact our Customer Care Team on 1300 000 100.

Critical Information Summary

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Big Business Features. Small Business Price.

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